Advanced Obedience

OUR ADVANCE OBEDIENCE COURSE is designed to have as much control and understanding as possible from a dog .The dogs are trained with many distractions like *Toys around them *Food *People running just to name a few

Basic and Advanced Combo
$2500. /Combo
  • A Minimum of 30 days
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience
  • Board and train
Private Lessons
$150.00 /Hour
  • for 1 hour session
  • ONE ON ONE lessons with the trainer
  • At our training facility


For dogs 6 months and up.



  • On leash off leash with distractions
  • Heel no leash
  • Sit
  • Sit Stay
  • Down
  • Down Stay
  • Come
  • Come and go around to heel position
  • Crate -go inside cage
  • Place
  • No


Dog must be on Frontline or Advantix
or any other approved flea and tick preventative.

Prices are subject to change if :
1. Dog is anti-social
2. Dog is aggressive (dogs or Humans)
3. Dog has fear issues,bad nerves,emotional issues

Breed Conditions

The price for the following breeds may vary :

1. English bulldog
2. French Bulldog
3. Chow Chow
4. Miniature Pincher
5. Adult Mastiffs
6. Neomastiffs
7. Cocker Spaniel
8. Adult Great Dane
9. Beagles
10. Bull Terriers
11. Shnauzers
​13. Akitas
14. Chihuahua 
15. Shiba inus
16. Sharpei
17. Basset Hound

Genisus 1:26 – And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Is level 2 right for your dog?

We have different training packages for all kinds of dogs such as service dog Training, K9 protection training and even training for puppies as young as 6 months

Training Videos 

About This Package

From now on, you’re going to teach your dog that he is a dog and  not a miniature human being in a fur suit. The mother dog taught him how to be a dog once and how to take orders. Now, through lack of training or misunderstood intentions, he’s forgotten. With our help, he’s going to remember what he is and how he fits into the world. Before long, he’s even going to like it.
Dogs were bred to look to humans for food, companionship and guidance. The alpha dog doesn’t ask for what he wants, he demands it. He lets you know in no uncertain terms that he wants his dinner, that he wants to go out, that he wants to play and be petted and that he wants these things right now. You’re going to teach him that from now on, he has to earn what he gets. No more free rides. This is going to be a shock to his system at first but you’ll be surprised how quickly he’ll catch on and that he’ll actually become eager to please you.

What level 2 Customers Say 

  • We had a great experience with Michael, our designated trainer for our dog MAX

    John Webber
    John Webber
    Super Friendly Staff
  • I had a hard time with my Ody walking on the leash until now she's perfectly comfortable and doesn't pull anymore .
    thank you guys!

    Now Ody walks to the park with me

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